Molchanov, Georgi Andrevich

   One of the most important of the early Chekists, Molchanov entered the service at age 23 and advanced quickly to the head of the NKVD in Byelorussia as well as the Secret Political Department. In the latter position, he had access to all the records and details of operations of the service against Joseph Stalin’s enemies. He took part in the interrogation of Martimian Riutin, who had written a memorandum in 1932 calling for Stalin’s replacement. Like many of the early generation of security workers, Molchanov was seen as too close to members of the opposition and was slated for execution. In early 1937 Stalin asked Nikolai Yezhov why Molchanov had not been arrested. He quickly was. He was shot later that fall “by special arrangement,” that is, without interrogation or trial. He was obviously a man who knew too much.

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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